From French; "bijoux" (BEE-zhoo) for small trinket and "bon" (bawn) meaning "good". BonJoux..little lovlies you just must have.

Once upon a time, I stopped into a craft store for some jump rings to repair a broken necklace. When I saw the strands of glistening beads, I was hooked. After beading for several years, I wanted to make my work more unique with hand crafted toggles and closures, so I enrolled in a metalsmithing course at a local arts center. That's when I knew I found my creative love and passion.

I get my inspiration from natural forms and a lot of serendipity. Some of my most memorable works came from "bench scraps"... a little bit of this, some crazy shaped metal pieces, maybe a stone or gem, and the magic happens. My designs start out only about 60% planned, either in my mind or on paper, because it is the evolution toward the final piece that is so fun and remarkable. The metal makes itself. I just help it along.

I take pride in my finish work; no rough edges, everything shiny and perfect. I like to make things that move; and if they make a little music along the way, even better. I also try to keep my designs as lightweight as possible so you can wear them comfortably all day or all night long.

Enjoy looking at my lovelies. I hope you find something that speaks to you.

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